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Our story

When we came to Montreal from Colombia and Venezuela, this city embraced us and made us feel at home. From the fun, friendly people, to the food and the nightlife, Montreal inspired us to be ourselves and share our Latino spirit.

Bar & Tapas

Michelada especialp

Michelada especial

Aperol spritz

Aperol spritz

Michelada cubana

Michelada cubana

Ensalada caesar

Ensalada caesar

La parce burger

La parce burger

Crispy calamari

Crispy calamari

Who we are

For the last 9 years, the original Point Bar on St Denis has been Montreal's hottest destination for Latino nightlife, and it is the place that brought us together. With lineups around the block until last call every night, we decided to partner on the expansion into Point Bar Lounge - a lux Latino lounge to introduce guests to our signature cocktails and tapas.

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Whether you are planning a 5 à 7, a business networking event, a birthday party or your wedding reception, our lounge is the perfect place to bring people together in class and comfort.

We accommodate up to 100 people with lux designer sofas, granite tabletops, plush banket seating, a full terrasse and just the right amount of space and bass for dancing.

We work with you to create the set menus of your dreams from our list of signature cocktails and exclusive entrees and tapas. Vegetarian and vegan options are always available.

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El punto

Point Bar Lounge is our gift back to this beautiful city. It's our authentic expression of the South American culture that Montrealers have always loved and welcomed. It is the place to be, el punto, and the place that will always make you feel at home.


Any reservation of 5 people or more must be accompanied by a bottle service


  • Reservations of 6 or more people must be accompanied by a bottle service and 18% on service tips
  • No reservations after 10 pm
  • Reservations for dinner will have a length of 3 hours, if you wish to stay longer a bottle service should be required

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Where we are


1735 Saint Denis St, Montreal, QC H2X 3K4
514 474 4BAR (227)
Berri-Uqam metro station

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